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Dato: 03-Marts-2018

For this match presenting "Team" Spain! Xenia V. 

During warm-up we say goodbye to Karen (twisted her ankle), so resulting in the team being:

On the field:FlovFod i mundenGrineUskyldigKys 5 + målmand Cool 1
So substitution was easy this day / nonexisting.

1. Periode:

A good fight is put on and after 20 mins the match is still open: 
0 - 0. Rikke doing a good goalkeeper job keeping us in the game!

2. Periode:

Copenhagen scores after 8 minutes. But few minutes later Kathrine puts the ball beautifully into the goal from a nice distance - during a free hit. Meanwhile, Xenia was doing a great job keeping the Copenhagen Goalkeeper entertained in her box...Unfortunately, the judge noticed and the goal was canceled. #whoneedsrules #NotTeamSpain

3. Periode:

Mette is close to even out the scores, but luck gets in the way. #stolpeud #igen 
Mikala get the ball around the goal (again) and takes a run up the side (again) and with the silliest shot of the day the ball suddenly decides to hippity-hop around the goalkeeper and hit the corner and GOOOOOES IN! #StolpeMereIndEndNogensindeFør
The fight continues to be tense. Mette gets closer to the title of "Årets Bisse" with a 2 min penalty (code 215).
Credit to Lisa for taking the last sprints - in the final minutes. 

All in all, the team are happy with the results. 

Med meget lige antal stemmer løb vores nye løber alligevel med Anden:

WOM: Xenia 

Skrevet af Mikala 82 S. Sahlertz