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Date: 27-02-2018 
Place: Ice cold Greve by night.

Step one: Get coach food from netto!
Step two: Find room to change in.
Step three: Get into the room...
Step four: Actually playing a match, with 10 players and one goalkeeper! 

1. Period:
Greve is a fairly new team, but after 2.45 min they get the first goal. The fight is fairly even and after 9 minutes Maddie makes her first Goal on Danish grounds. Then the classic reverse goal happens - and Greve takes the lead back with 2-1. 

2. Period:
Greve is more ready from the start and quickly expands their lead. A seriously nice work in the Lyngby Goal does not fix the holes in the field that Lyngby gives Greve. One single player found the hole and within 5 min Greve gets 3 more in by her... #NyeCenterSpillere
Team America comes to the rescue: Maddie sends an assist to Emily in front of the goal - that puts it nicely and safely into the goal.

3. Period:
Lyngby's Ladies take the match into their own hands again - Greve gets no points this Period! But the luck is not with us on their end. #Stålpeud
With only one minute to finish - things get rough and Mikala goes down - head to head with a girl from Greve. 


WOM (Woman of the match): Maddie (took the selfie) 
MoM (Moment of the Match): Combined forces of Team Amerika getting a goal 
MoB (Moment of the Break): Mikala sitting in energy drink.
MoPM (Moment Prior to Match): Being lockout by Mette and Lisa...

Skrevet af Mikala 82 S. Sahlertz