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Executive summary: 20-02-2018 
10 girls went all the way to AMAGER - AND took home:
- 3 points!
- and one broken stick
- and one foot on ice...

Guided by the Assistant Coach (Hanna) and Head of Coaches (Trost) the two chains consisted Team America and Team Denmark. 

The first period we had the main ball control - but the little white thing never went into the goal. Even with a Hafnia player on the bench the little ball never got really close. 

Putting more pressure on us in the second period apparently helped:
Ann Pham went solo and got the first goal we needed! 5 minutes after Kathrine Ørnslund did the same - with an amazing shot from a distance. 

Hafnia FC got aggressive - and despite them taking a timeout and also actually getting the ball into our goal 3 times - it only resulted in 1 real goal. 
#highsticks #don't step in baby's corner

Thanks to awesome judges - that were fair and handled time issues nicely. Thanks to Hafnia HC for moving the game! (which they regretted - sorry)

Thanks to Team Amerika for bringing energy
 and air into the field. - NEXT TIME GOALS! 


WOM: (Woman of the match)= Kathrine

Fighter of the match: Lisbeth (now with a lack of stick)
Washer of Clothes: Mikala('s mom)
Bringer of Beers (and Soda): Lisa

Skrevet af Mikala 82 S. Sahlertz