mandag 9. oktober kl. 09:18
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5-2 Victory this sunday afternoon against FFK.
A match with a lot of powerplay practice for Lyngby, and one penalty shot.
It was nice to see some different constellations tested during the game, without letting the control and initiative go. During most of the game FFK was reduced to only one option - to play high balls forward and hope for the best. Luckily our defenders had those under control.

We look forward to the next game.

WOM: Kathrine Ørnslund, good job in the goal!


Lisbeth Riis: 2+0
Julie Elling: 0+2
Mikala Sahlertz: 1+0
Yuan Zhen Koh: 1+0
Hanna Møller: 1+0
Ann Pham: 0+1
Lærke Philipsen: 0+1

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