Lyngby FF (Lyngby Floorball Club) is a young and growing club situated in Lyngby north of Copenhagen. We are a very social club with room for everyone, but we are also very serious about our sport. We practice and play our home games in Lundtoftehallen, Ravnholmvej 11, Lyngby. Map

We currently have about 100 members divided on seven teams: Two men's teams, a women's team and four youth teams. The women's team plays in the second best division, and the first men's team plays in the second best division. The women's team and the men's second team are open for beginners, so it should be possible to find a team to suit any level of ambition in our club.

As our practice facilities are situated very close to the Technical University of Denmark, many of our members are in one way or the other connected to the university. We have also had many exchange students of the university as members of our club. Therefore, we are very used to having members not speaking Danish, which presents no problem at all.

Playing floorball in Lyngby FF costs 1100 DKK per year for men and 1000 DKK for women. From the first time you practice with us, there is however a free trial period of 2 weeks. In that way, you can just stop by and try out the game a couple of times before you decide whether to become a member.

Please contact us at if you need further information or have any questions.